Law Office of Lisa B. Santos, P.C. Criminal & Traffic Defense Attorney Denver, Colorado
Law Office of Lisa B. Santos, P.C.  Criminal & Traffic Defense Attorney Denver, Colorado

Fields of Law

DUI: If charged with an alcohol and/or drug related driving offense, call Lisa!  She has the experience required to successfully navigate and defend your case at the DMV hearing as well as through the court system. Your privilege to drive may be at risk and you must act fast!  And, don't risk an unnecessary alcohol related conviction on your record without at least having a free consultation with Lisa and finding out what your options are!!!


JUVENILES:  Minors who are charged with a crime are faced with serious consequences. Whether charged with assault, shoplifting, assault, battery, criminal mischief, etc. you need to call Lisa now to know your options and potential penalties.  You may not have to plead guilty to the original charges!  Additionally, is your child being suspended/expelled from school?  Lisa can help you navigate through the system and the school board.  You will have an opportunity for a Hearing!  But, you must act fast!  Time is of the essence and deadlines approach quickly.  For example, you may only have 48 hours to request your hearing.


MISDEMEANORS & FELONIES:  Lisa can handle all types of misdemeanors and felonies throughout Denver, Colorado and the Metro Area.  Lisa is the criminal defense attorney in Colorado that you have been looking for! 


TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS: From speeding violations to careless driving charges; From Driving Under Restraint to Point Suspension Hearings... Lisa can help!  Do not plead guilty to a traffic violation until you understand the full collateral consequences first!  Depending on your age and the number of violations you have received in 1 year or 2 years, your driving privileges may be at risk.  Are you a Habitual Traffic Offender?  Call Lisa to discuss your individual situation first!



MUNICIPAL ORDINANCE VIOLATIONS:  Many ordinance violations will appear to be the same charges as a misdemeanor or a felony.  However, there are different penalties and different ways of handling Municipal Court Cases and each Municipal Court has different procedures.  Lisa is an expert handling Municipal cases, as she was the Prosecutor for the City of Lone Tree for over 4 years.  Call Lisa NOW!


RECORD SEALINGS:  Lisa can discuss with you whether you are able to seal your criminal arrest records or convictions.  Also, in every situation (even during the pre-trial represenation stages) Lisa will provide you advice for the future so that any plea deal you accept has the potential to be sealed, if possible.  Lisa can guide you through this process.  Call Lisa NOW for detailed information.


Here you will find an overview of the fields of law the Law Office of Lisa B. Santos, P.C. focuses on.

Our Concentrations

Criminal Law: Misdemeanors, Felonies, Municipal Violations and Juvenile matters.


Denver DUI Lawyer: Lisa is an excellent Criminal Defense Attorney and DUI Lawyer that can assist you with your legal needs throughout Denver, Colorado and the Denver Metro Area.  Lisa can help you navigate through the entire legal process.

Traffic Law:  DUI, DWAI, driving under restraint (DUR), speeding, careless driving, photo tickets, habitual offenders

Record Sealings/Expungement: Were your charges Dismissed?  Were you Acquitted at Trial? Did you successfully serve a Deferred Judgment & Sentence?  Are you concerned that your records may still be accessible to the public.  Are you concerned about future employment opportunities and background checks?

Call NOW  ....  Lisa can help!


A sample of common criminal charges we defend are: assault, domestic violence (DV), drug charges, minor in possession (MIP), child abuse, probation violation, trespassing, shoplifting/theft and harassment.



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